Man U nih auh an duh mi Roma zaanglek


Manchester United cu tu lio transfer chungah a pakhatnak ah auh an duh mi cu Roma hnukham Manolas a si tiah Mirror nih a langhter.

Kum 27 a si cang mi Greece zaanglek Manolas cu Roma ah a ke a chuak ngai mi a si caah Man U nih an hnukham tha a dertuk mi cu thawnter an timhnak a si.

Roma le Manolas karah liamman an ngei mi cu pound nuai 30 a si caah Man U nih cawk an duh ah cun pound nuai 30 an pek a hau lai tinak a si.

Man U nih an center back (lai hnukham) caah Leicester hnukham Maguire le Tottenham hnukham Alderweireld zong an zoh ve hna nain Manolas cu auh dingah a nai bik mi a si tiah Mirror nih a langhter.

Source; Shwemom


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