Liverpool thazang petu fan pawl caah thawngpang ttha ngaingai a si a ruang cu Napoli hmaikal Lorenzo Insigne cu


Liverpool team cu Napoli hmaikal Lorenzo Insigne auh (cawk) khawh nak ding caah auh (cawk) a duh ve mi team dang nak in ruahchan nak a tam deuh tiah theih a si.

Napoli hmaikal Lorenzo Insigne cu pound nuai 60 hrawng in Liverpool nih auh (cawk) an duh ahcun tlamtling dawhdang a si. Lorenzo Insigne cu Napoli team nih nuai 60 hrawng in zuar an timh tiah theih a si.

Mah hmaikal Lorenzo Insigne hi Liverpool team nih an auh khawh ahcun Liverpool hmaikal cu an tthawng deuh chinchin cang lai ii ttih an nung chinchin cang lai.

Source; Shwemom

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