Cankhat lio ah a minthang ngai ve ii England ram aiawh zong in aa tel kho ve mi Man City kawlbawh hlun Burnley kawlbawh Joe Hart cu


Caankhat lio ah a min a rak thang ngai ve ii England ram aiawh zong in a rak ii tel kho ve mi thazang petu fan tampi zong a rak ngei ve mi Man City goal bawh hlun Joe Hart cu a hlan lio bantuk in a thiamnak a langhter kho tilo caah hmunhma a ngah kho tuk tilo mi a si.

Man City kawlbawh hlun Joe Hart cu a tu a um nak Burnley team zongah hmunhma a ngah kho lo caah team dang lei ah tthial ding in timhlam nak a ngei cang.

Joe Hart cu Burnley team in free ( cawk man pek hau lo in) a chuak ding a si ii premier league zuamcawhnak ii a chuih mi team pakhat khat ah hmunhma ngah kho ding in timhlamh nak a ngei tu zong a si.

Source; Shwemom

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